Your Call - Save the Children - TV Commercial


Save the Children UK has launched its latest DRTV campaign, Your Call, created and produced by creative agency Alpha Century.

The spot takes the viewer to Busia County, Kenya, where the issue of mothers dying in childbirth is highlighted; the voiceover, taking the form of a telephone call between a potential donor and someone from the charity, articulates how donations will make a difference.

The aim of the new campaign is to raise unrestricted income for the charity to help support programme work, such as the featured maternal outreach work. By making creative and narrative advances within the confines of what is currently known to be effective, the DRTV ad looks to standout in a popular market with a fresh approach that is both emotive and relatable.

Our Involvement

Music Composition for our friends at Burning Flag & Alpha Century. :)

Another film that required a strong score to represent what is being highlighted here.

There are a few factors at play, mainly the films desire to bring a fresh approach to screen whilst remaining sensitive to isolating itself from it's core audience. How we went about doing that was to introduce a little of what you don't know and a little of what you do! Heavy, modern, synth driven soundscapes slowly pulse the audience in further and further until we reach our 'relief' moment. We see on screen all the good that Save The Children are doing in Kenya and our Caller is realising her own satisfaction. Musically, we begin to replace the over bearing darkness with lighter, more conventional positive feelings before plunging our audience back into the darkness, understanding that the battle is, unfortunately only just beginning.